Friday, December 12, 2008

February 6, 2007

"The thing about democracy, beloveds, is that it is not neat, orderly, or quiet. It requires a certain relish for confusion."— Molly Ivins
I read this today on the Defenders of Wildlife newsletter I get, I liked it a lot, it reminds me of my job, and this is the truest statement I have seen lately, beside this one…
“If happiness truly consisted in physical ease and freedom from care, then the happiest individual would be … an American cow.”
— William Loyd Phelps
But, since I am not a cow, I guess I am not the happiest individual in the world…. DAMN! However, I did manage to find the hat that my husband let the dog destroy for our roommate, I plan on ordering it this afternoon when I know his head size. J It’s a friggin’ miracle too that I found it, damn thing hasn’t been made in years.
So this afternoon is court time for Skinney, I swear things like this always put me back to the years I had to deal with this constantly, the bastard (x) most likely quit his job too since he would have to pay me, he is suck a fuck head. I am not happy that Skinney had to go and drive when he knew he shouldn’t but hind sight is 20-20. So, I walk through the halls of déjà vu today once again. Someday I will never have to experience this again, I would just love for him to have his license back for work, not that he is working right now, but a restricted is better than nothing!
Some good news for him though is that he can go into the unemployment office today and hopefully, if he gets the shit done in time, we get a check by the end of this week. So far though I know he is in bed at home sleeping like he has a hangover… whatever. DAMNIT I need to talk to him NOW! Ah well, patience is a virtue I don’t have right now I guess.
My brother brought over the cutest bowling ball for my son last night it is a collectors ball so I am going to make sure that he gets the ball back when it is too small for my boy so he can enjoy it with his up and coming boy from my best friend his wife! Yeah, babies all around and not a one of them is mine, wooo hoooo! Thank you LORD!
My work tried to freeze me to death yesterday just because of a sprinkler line that broke. I was outside in sub-zero temps in my coat yes, but dress pants don’t keep your legs warms for shit! So by the time I get back into the building, my legs didn’t warm up until it was just about time to go home. Gaaaah, the things that we do for our jobs and that elusive paycheck.
The cats are doing better, Killian’s leg is fine, Hayze is happily moving around now and they are pretty much ignoring each other, that is great for my cats! My dog Nibs though, beside eating things he isn’t supposed to like sunglasses, hats, stuffed animals, and kitty litter has still managed to have the sore on his back grow, look worse and I am assuming be even more sore for him as he hates me messing with it. Oh well it needs cleaning at least once a day and Neosporin on it too, so he can be mad at me, I am still mad about my damn sunglasses, I had kept those for almost a year a friggin’ record for me! At least I know the pain I am causing him is the pain of making sure his boo boo gets better.
The boys bowled all right last night it kinda sucked though as Philly’s girl was there and everyone acted like they needed to behave around her. I never knew a 20 year old could strike so much fear into three grown men. LOL I guess I am just happy they are comfortable enough around me to act normal.
I FOUND THE HAT!! THANK GOD! Skinney also got good news from unemployment I hope to GOD that we get a check by this weekend!
They tried to freeze me to death at work again at 9:30 am they already were having another fire drill because more of the sprinkler system broke again. Sheezus!!!! Got back in around 10 and I am STILL cold!
Ok more later maybe…..

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