Friday, December 12, 2008

February 8, 2007 the last few days for me have not been the funnest, my mom has been having severe nose bleeds for the last three days.....I am worried about her. Plus my boy isn't taking this too well either. My mom is home now but without a plug or anything, her blood is so thin now ... I hope it stops for good now.
I haven't made it to work in two days now, I am hoping tomorrow will be better at least and I can go into work.
Skinney had good news of course, the thing with court went pretty much real easy. Of course more money but then again isn't it always....and the truck gets grounded not him.
Saw your house Jamielee :) I like it, lots of doors and rooms and windows, that lofty kinda thing is realy nice. ;) Love the bathroom too, it is SO big!
So probably going to have the boy all weekend pretty much starting today. I am glad just not the circumstances that brought it on. I've missed him a lot. I know most of you are saying in your head..."Well then if you miss him go get him he's your boy..." I can't explain it to any of you, so let us just say "I am happy, but not because of the circumstances." OK, that means something has to happen with this bedroom upstairs then, because he can't very well sleep on the couch... Aaaaaaaaaah!
So much to do and yet I sit here typing this, oh yeah that's procrastination, ok I 'll stop now.

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