Friday, December 12, 2008

January 13, 2007

Let's see, got my house cleaned, got my laundry done, cleaned myself, I smell good again... Last night we didn't do anything after we got back from dinner, just watched a movie and slept, wow my social life is just rockin'!
Saw my mom at Meijers and everything is OK over there I guess, Dad is keeping himself well befuddled to keep him from messing with his shoulder. It's gotta suck sleeping up at night though....the boy is doing sentences, so far he has done 10 pages in these last two days, hopefully he does the rest tomorrow so he can enjoy Monday. He's gotta quit being a snot at school it isn't helping him one bit. Evidentally it is all worrying about Poppa but I think he is trying to work out other issues. I hope he figures it out soon or he'll be grounded till the end of school.
Saw some people I never see, hanging with my brother right now, terranova showed up and hung out for a little while, Skinney and I both worry about him, coma for a while in the hospital makes everyone worry.
Ta`Ta` what the hell? I hear you were going crazy last night, Miss Indian Thang?!?! Gotta remember a little sense my dear... ;)
Got two fishy in my big tank again, still no placo but, I am confident that we will get one soon. (Took one fishy from Philly's tank in his room, he had three pretty big ones in a 10 and I don't understand why it works so well for him with too many and yet for me, it goes and kills almost all of them. humph... I don't think he ever feeds them.
Skinney's Myspace is bowing up it seems everyone has one, I don't but I manage his, so I guess it doesn't really matter for me, I am happy with this site for me. As for playing as Skinney, Myspace is just way more fun.
Well, I am trying to see if I can get them to quit watching football, although I don't have high hopes.
Hergest... I sent a message, I am sorry you have to quit, I await until I hear from you again my friend. :)

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