Friday, December 12, 2008

January 25, 2007

Well today has been a lot of pain for Skinney, he had three teeth pulled today and two of them were below the gum line. They had to cut the two into four peices each to get them out of his mouth. He is feeling a tinsy weensey bit better after 1500mg v and 1000mg motrin and 5 hours since surgery. He was a much bigger ass when I first got home though. Evidentally 1 hour is too long to be gone, he thought it was 2 hours and even called my mom. I was only at Meijers for God's sake getting some groceries and his scripts. He still won't eat though and I bet that he will end up sick. He is taking an antibiotic as well all on an empty stomache..... dumbass.
Gotta work tomorrow but hopefully quiet, I am covering again in the afternoon but hey I guess I just like being in charge, even without the pay I guess, I am so totally stupid sometimes....
The boy got into some trouble at school again, this time with a test and not keeping his pencil down. Someday I hope he learns. The eldest is hoping we are flying them up in March, but nope we are driving, I can spend $60 to drive both ways and not spend $200-$400 on air line tickets, I don't know about any of you out there but I ain't that rich with a hubby on unemployment that still hasn't showed up.... what a mess.
Ok, I am probably going to sleep in the girl's room tonight just because of ho Skinney is, he is right as I type curled up in the middle of a queen size bed, there will not be enough room for me tonight I know that.....

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