Friday, December 12, 2008

January 28, 2007

Today is my dad's birthday, he is 58 now, it's hard to beleive that he could be that age so quick, aftrerall he doesn't look that age to me... :) I doubt Skinney goes with us though, he still doesn't feel real good still from his extractions on Thursaday, infact he is still upstairs in bed right now. Big Baby. SO I will go to dinner without him most likely oh well more crab legs for me then without the guilt! hahahah!
Otherwise Skinney is getting along with his best friend again and now both of our worlds are set to right once more. It's noticeable when you loose some one that important to you just because of an arguement or a misunderstanding, its a hole in your life, and its frustrating when they know you the best besides your spouse and your pride prevents you from telling them what hurt you for so long or them to tell you. I am just glad that the love that was there is still there and the relationships are reconfirmed. Lizard is really cute with his young son, and his son is adorable, I probably will never be close friends with his baby momma but at least I can be pleasant for Skinney's sake. :) Plus thier kids is really cute and I will see them a great deal now as they got a friggin' apartment in Holt..... It's almost too close, hopefully it isn' probably is though DAMNIT!
Philly is talking about moving out, I so don't want him to as he has been the best roommate ever, but I also know what it is like to want your own place, it ook me years to get what I wanted. I just know though that he will move to Dewitt and we will hardly ever see him again.
Ta`Ta` I hope to GOD you were smart enough last night to be a good girl!
OK I am going to go put salt on the sidewalks, it's slippery out there.

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