Friday, December 12, 2008

January 29, 2007

So I am going with the boys to bowling tonight..... I am not sure that I will be any happier than I was last week, I hate staying up late now. I am just getting old I guess.... Plus Skinney and the dog haven't let me have a decent nights sleep since Skinney had his teeth pulled, and the bed is too hard, and, and, and.....I could go on forever. Plus more bowling on Thursday, DAMN IT!
Read about how to refinish a wood floor, I need a floor sander, and a lot of time. Probably more than a weekend. We have to sand the floor to being flat again, seal the gaps and I am not looking forward to all of the sanding..... or the varnishing either really. Actually I want to be a genie and bob my head and it is done. What a hoot! I have SO MANY unfinished projects in this house, I wish I could win the lottery, oh wait you have to play to win. DAMN!
Trying to figure out how I am feeling, I have this anticipation in my stomache, not dread, but just an anticipation, I think I need to get some more sleep! Well it ain't happening tonight! HA! I might even drink a couple beers since I don't want to pay for a real drink. I NEED to find a roofer, Hansons doesn't do roofs in this town so now I have to find someone else to replace my roof, I hate that! I wanted to get the rest of my windows and my roof at one time and now I can't do that! I mean who the hell, beside Hansons does roofing and windows and can give me a great price on financing? Yeah, I don't know either, I hope I figure something out soon I doubt that the roof can last more than this winter..... SHIT!
Ta` Ta` get your friggin ass over here so we can get you a yummy job! NOW lady!
JamieLee! I say you will get that house I am rooting for you!
Sissie, I still say kick his ass and tell him to shut the fuck up!
Ok Luvs to all, Peace!

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