Tuesday, December 16, 2008

January 31, 2008

Not really sure what to say anymore. Life has been going on quietly, I have been sleeping a lot and not really getting anything done around the house. It's a shame I am being so lazy but the good news from that is... with me sleeping so much, I have been smoking much less, only 5 cigs yesterday and that is a record low for the last 9 years. Woooo hooo! Now if I can just keep it that way. Did my taxes, as usual I paid Uncle Sam too much but hey, I always make hime give it back to me. :D LOL The eldest is happily ensconced in her mother's house driving back last Saturday was extremely scary I hated it. Haven't heard much from her, so I hate to say it but I feel that my original assessment of her just trying to get as much as she could out of us was ture. I have so many mixed emotions about all of that but I will sort that out later.

I want to do so much stuff this weekend but it is about impossible with the hubby always having to go to work at 3pm and I take him there. That time like sticks into themiddle of everything, so I am unsure that I will get to do anything but clean the house and make sure that he gets to work on time. Oh well at least there is work in the repressed state of Michigan.

Other than all of this wonderful stuff, I have been so bored lately that I can't seem to stop myself from constantly reading about the damn celbrities we pay too much to see. I hate myself for that, but like I was telling Yank, I am waiting for California and Florida to fall off the face of the earth so we can get new clebrities and hey! I am cute and funny, so here I am!!!! :D

Ok enough rambling just thought I would let you all know I am alive.

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