Tuesday, December 16, 2008

July 2, 2007

So Jamielee had her baby this morning at 11, I am so happy that both of you are ok and and well. I plan on coming and seeing you tomorrow, but I know you will have a TON of visitors that will come to see you, so maybe I will wait until you two are home, but I doubt it! :) Congratulations and I am so glad that you are both safe.
Tomorrow is the Big Sharp Park thing, so all of you worried about haters and snipers, quit worrying, relax and just enjoy the early holiday, you don't need to freak out it is only going to make things worse and in no way shape or form help you out. So come chill relax and let the BBQ fill you up, then enjoy the fireworks! :)
I am tired and I know I should be working on those ribs, I just hate doing all of the work on it and then I probably won't even get to eat one tomorrow. I hope not but seriously we have some major eaters expected to be there tomorrow......
So I am going to bed, I know I should be prepping the ribs, but tomorrow is soon enough....Ok I lied, I washed the dishes and prepped the ribs I couldn't leave it to amatures!
Luvs, and YEAH! Schayde1

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