Tuesday, December 16, 2008

June 26, 2007

Wow, am I tired, last night was my girl Stacy's birthday, she turned 25, what a youngin'! :) And she can party, I can't do it like we used to years ago, it all hurts the next day plus, Hello it was frigging' MONDAY night, I have to work in the morning! Eee gads I have a headache that has nothing to do with the grog from the night before, I in fact has 1 1/2 shots of Gentleman's Jack and then drank water for the rest of the night. Shocking for some of you that know me, we did use the last of the 5th for the 4 shots for everyone so i couldn't have more! ;)
The kids are separated right now, the boy to my parents getting some good 'prep' time for school while, the girls are getting a day with their Daddy before they leave for the week to up north with their mom. Yeah I know it's our time but Skinney gets a bigger say on what the girls do that I do. I wouldn't share a damn second of time with her family that is ours if I could help it, now Kitty you and yours are different as you know I see you more than just when they are here so let's ignore the fact that you are her family.... :)
JamieLee, I kinda like almost all the names BeniBen picked out, I hope you guys are happy with your coming bundle of joy and that his name is a good one. Wait a second, of course you'll be happy and of course his name will be a good one, how about this.... I have many warm wishes and warm feelings going your way today and everyday! Lots o luv my dear, lots o luv!
TaTa, what the hell have I been hearing about you! What did you do after we left on Saturday night? I mean geeze can't people remember what you wore earlier and know it wasn't you at the bar after we left? Geeze! Wow that was some story you told me on the phone too, geeze you guys can't have a quiet end of the night can you?? LOL :D
So, I have been reflecting and genuflecting my thoughts and I am in some quandary, not like anyone else isn't but I mean this... I love my kids, all of them, I love my family, and I love my friends, but is it too much to ask to have SOME time to myself? I just want the 15 minutes I need right after work for there to be NO ONE at my house, just 15 minutes so I can relax, change, start a little dinner, you know....
I also have been thinking about my parents, the fact that young son chose to stay with me now has been hard on them, but I never shared with them the pain I went through while he was with him, I never told them about waking up in the night, going to his room crying because he isn't there. Wishing my parents would remember that they are grandparents and not parents, I am their youngest, not him and I am too old to go back home to let them take care of me. I mean shit I bought a frigging' house like I am just going to leave that to Skinney and move back home, not likely, not likely at all. I won't even leave if we had an argument, it's MINE! :) DeanaLand FOREVER! Any who, back on track, so what am I supposed to do? Be sympathetic? Share what I went through? Of just keep my mouth shut because I finally won a contest that never should of happened....
Also the damn lawn mower is broke again, does somebody want to lend me theirs?? Or come put mine back together??? PLEASE?!?!?!?!

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