Tuesday, December 16, 2008

June 12, 2007

"Help Super MOM!"
I am going to state the obvious here, but hopefully everyone can sympathize with me and tell me it isn't worth killing yourself or anyone else over this.... "Raising children is HARD." OK maybe I should put it more like this. "Raising your children and step-children is HARD, REALLY HARD...."
I want to scream, I want to scream everyday now. They have upset me so much I actually had gastric problems yesterday, painful gastric problems, I went home from work painful. Maybe I shouldn't be so up tight, but then I think, ~Well if I am laid back about them now, will they go about their lives the right way later?~
Then I know, so far with the two eldest, I have not been there since birth and they have been taught some shady things from Daddy, Aunties, and Mommy. Some things I would choke if my own child tried them on me or anyone else. I mean is it too much to expect those that have been taught right from wrong, to be upstanding decent human beings? To not lie, to not cheat, to not steal, to clean up their own messes, and to not be mean to their siblings. They are all old enough to get these simple rules, but as I said before some seriously shady things have been taught to them, and this is schayde1 saying this my dears. Yes, you can pronounce it "shady one," my husband does, although I always thought schayde was pronounced shade.....
Any who, I am trying to figure out, how to make these very smart, very lazy children, better people.... So far I haven't figured out except for screaming at them, letting them stew for a couple days and then talking to them about the same thing. Evidently that doesn't even work though when you have your babysitter call you and witch about their behaviors. And what do I expect when their father is no better about being a responsible adult?? Am I truly fighting an uphill battle here? Should I just stop bothering and let them become the horrible people that they are becoming and only worry about my own? I hate the thought of doing that, I know both of them are more than capable of being such better people than they are trying to be now. I just wish they come with instruction booklets, then I could figure out the best communication tract to go with them and get the message through to them.
I know, I know, every parent wants an instruction manual, I should just get in line for one like everyone else huh? So maybe tonight I take things away instead of trying to reason with them, perhaps if I ground them or take things that they think they need from them, then maybe, just maybe, they will get the message from me that they can't be the horrible little people they want to be, at least in my home.
(Cross your fingers with me!)

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