Tuesday, December 16, 2008

June 13, 2007

Well let me tell you this place is really for me to rant, I re-read yesterday's blog and wow did they have me stressed. But I made a choice last night when we went to their class, like the sensei asked, I will ignore the infractions until they become too much and then..... push-ups. My boy had to do them already last night for the sensei. So far no one else has pushed me to make anyone do push-ups.
OK... Let's start from the beginning. The kids are taking a Karate Class in Okinawan, Shorin Ru, their sensei is very calm and takes his job seriously. So far the kids are excited about it and want to continue, I am glad too as it wears them out two times a week and teaches them focus, respect, discipline, and control. Plus it is healthy exercises for all of them. I am glad also that any type of karate class will teach them to co-exist better.
I am thinking of taking the class myself, I have never taken a self-defense or any kind of martial arts class, I always used to dance. I loved it too, I even learned some traditional Hindi dances while a member of the MSU India Undergraduate Association. Dancing keeps you in excellent shape (something that I learned after several years without it.) and I know a karate class would be more beneficial than just dancing would, at least then I wouldn't have to scowl every time I go walking somewhere just to be intimidating. I actually have personal space issues I don't think I would make it real well in the Eastern cultures because of that. :(
But last night was good with the kids, they all had their attitudes for a few minutes as they had to do chores, but then it wasn't a night of arguing for once, it was a night of sharing and learning for all of us. We had the broken bones contest, Dad and I lost as we have only broken toes and fingers and I learned how many times they all broke toes and so forth. LOL, I enjoyed the evening for once.
But all this stuff/conflict/mom things, lately have me thinking, and while some may believe I do too much thinking, I haven't ever stopped. I am so grateful for my life, family, and friends, whatever would I do without my support from these people? I think I would be a hermit if I wasn't around them. They all enrich my life, whether with craziness or calmness, it all is necessary to be the balanced me that I am. Just don't ask how Deanaland is right now, it's still trying to acclimate to the three terrors full time. ;)
So for those of you that help me stretch my mind here on 360, thank you. ;)

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