Tuesday, December 16, 2008

June 21, 2007

Today... well today has been a serious violation of my privacy, those in my area who know about me know what I am talking about, it hurts but I will have to swallow that horse pill, it isn't anyone's fault but a slow news day.
So.... onto more exciting things, less than 2 1/2 weeks for my wonderful Jamielee, btw, you husband sucks about the names he has picked, how can you pick names and not remember them??? Ugh it drives me nuts!
TaTa I hope your luck is turning, but if you went to Cedar Poiunt and didn't fix a vehicle.... hmmm I think we need to talk... :)
Heidi, where is you updates my girl?? I want to hear about you! Rant and type away it doesn't have to be perfect, I can read almost any typing. :) It's just you can post your pictures and I can see them! :)
Katy H. My dear I am going to hurt you, update, update, update!
Sissie, I know you are busy soo, I forgive you but you need to post at least once a month. I hate being the only semi-regular poster here.
My web friends, thanks for giving me things to read everyday, new things and interesting things you all never fail me, I am just sorry I don't comment more.
Let's see ... home life, ok busy, kids are not making me want to kill them tonight, so far... and they haven't been that bad for most of the week either. Mom's b-day was the 19th she had a nice one she said, nothing more than she expected and she said she expected nothing. I hope she really doesn't feel that way. She can be so difficult.
Work, well that's taken car of in the first paragraph.
Friends... well I see some frequently and some of them almost never, sorry to those I never see, I do love you too! Soo maybe I will go check on the hubby's site now and everyone can think he is alive too.
K, Peace and Luvs tonight, my hurt will fade....

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