Tuesday, December 16, 2008

June 24, 2007

Let me just say it again, parenting is hard, the constant playing of one against each other, they truly are crueller than most adults I know...
This weekend was nothing but running running running, I am tired and I didn't get any sleepng in done anywhere. :( Tonight I think I will go to bed early, well earlier than usual. I will not wash the night dishes, straighten all the chairs, pick up all of the trash and clothes left everywhere, nor anything else. I am just going to go to bed, tomorrow starts another work week and I have decided that I just need to concentrate on getting through that as much as life at home. I dunno I guess am tired and really really tired of my allergies.
Yankee doodle days was fun I just hate having headaches when I am trying to party, it's just too much I guess for me.
Ok I am going to bed, as soon as I can get every one else there first.

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