Friday, December 12, 2008

November 17, 2006

There still isn't enough time, I wonder how long I can handle taking care of everything for almost everyone I know, I am so tired everyday I sometimes wonder if I am sick, but I know it is just me pushing myself too far, mono will never catch me! Ha! Gotta cover for another secretary next Monday, have been helping another secretary with her work all this week, got new staff coming in, I just wonder when the hell I am supposed to get my work done......
Wooowee, somehow I made it through the day, Monday at work is going to be hell, busy doing two people's jobs, someday it will be easier.
Tonight will be a loving night here, quiet and enjoyable, tomorrow will be another day of cleaning and laundry, ah well the price of being an adult. Damn, soon my 30th is coming, about a week away (ok exactly a week) I wonder how I will deal with it, maybe I won't.

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