Tuesday, December 16, 2008

October 18, 2007

Let's see.... so much has happened once again....
My poor Sissie, she lost her beloved Remi (mini daschund) on Monday of this week due to a car hitting him. He will be sorely missed and I still tear up thinking of him, so cute, so full of vitality, may God be busy playing with him for eternity.
All weekend was nothing but cleaning, and me doing it alone, the boy went to his Auntie's for some astrological time. She lives inthe country while I don't and he can see the stars WAY better from her farm. The eldest went to a birthday party for her best friend for the weekend. And of course the hubby worked nights so he slept most of the days away. It seems that so much is left on me now, but I think I can handle it pretty good, somebody just better let me sleep in on the weekend this time I swear! Hubby did mow the hay field yesterday, only the front yard, but hey at least he did that, I wasn't looking forward to doing it all myself with the push mower.
Tata passed her class and is now a CNA, I am so proud of her, in less than a year she has gotten her GED and now her CNA. That is something worth being proud of and celebrating several times over. Many people just don't bother with accomplishing things that make a difference in their lives after 20 and, Damnit! Tata just proved them all wrong, you go girl!!!
The boy and I had a nice night together, not even a drop of TV but we played monopoly even through me making dinner. He is a very trusting sport about playing, never cheats, just refuses to read the instructions for the game so you know how much money you get, he just gives you 1 $500, 2 $100s, 4 $50s, 10 $20s, 10 $10s, 10 $5s, and 5 $1s. Close but really no cigar and before I knew it, I had gone through all my money. :( But it was fun we so rarely get one-on-one time together anymore. I am hoping soon though that I will be able to have more.
Gotta run to Girl Scouts tonight for the elder as she needs to be signed up for some of the trips that they GS are going to. She is SO excited about GS, even though she is missing tonight's meeting because she had to go to Tennessee for her mother's wedding. mmmmmmmm, nothing to say there at all. I just don't know if I will be able to run her to everything all the time, I would love to take a few classes myself in the evening since hubby is at work but it doesn't look like it if I have to run children everywhere most nights of the week. Now don't get me wrong I know it is good for them to be so busy, but it makes it impossible for me to be busy as well with things I want to do. Like go back to college for a BS, or take a Karate class, or maybe even an Art class again. So I guess it waits until the eldest is old enough to drive her siblings around, I am the taxi.... Oh well I know they appreciate it even if they never tell me so. LOL
So ok, I guess I am going to busy some more this weekend so.... I am going to start on some of it now!

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