Tuesday, December 16, 2008

September 16, 2008

Sister: i have a headache
Me: that's crap (refers to a website I had just sent her to:) http://lifeiscrap.shop.musictoday.com/Dept.aspx?cp=12709_13496
Me: lol
Sister: lololo nice
Me: yeah
Me: sorry about your headache
Sister: I don't think the dog is letting us sleep well he has to sleep on us. I want him on the floor and robert wants him in the bed
Sister: talk about a change
Me: lol sorry I get my dog in bed at 5 every morning
Sister: but that isn't all night. trying to kick you out of your own bed
Me: lol no but a damp bedroom with no fans, freezing cold but the hubby is being a blanket hog so much that you leave and go sleep on the livingroom floor cuz the couch isn't comfortable with the cat clawing you doesn't let you have any sleep either
Sister: wow, i'll keep the dog
Me: lol yeah, so this morning after I returned to the bed at 2, I got up at 6:30 and closed all the windows, turned on the furnace, left the door opend to our room and wished to God that someone had thought of putting a frigging furnace in our room
Sister: lololololo you silly
Me: two weekends ago the cat was looking around under our bed and found the electric heater knob, he now turns it on at times and wakes me up freaking that the house is on fire. that is fun too
Sister: i bet lololololo
Me: I asked Skinney to take the fans out of the windows two days ago, the bastard didn't
Me: so I did today and I will be getting the heater from the basement and plugging it in and happily crawling under the sheets that I will pin to my side of the bed and sleep contendidly warm with a benadryl in me
Sister: lolololo you on a mission
Me: I have to be I hate sleeping the way I have lately and if Skinney doesn't quit hiding my night clothes, I am going to shoot him
Sister: lololollololo what does he have in mind lolololo
Me: me sleeping naked
Me: I hate sleeping naked
Sister: lololololo
Me: in a cold room
Me: in a damp room
Sister: me too, I have to have clothes on
Me: because while it was raining for two days straight we had to have the damn windows open becuase it's romantic
Sister: nice, it is cold too
Me: but did we have sex? NO..... he was too tired, so why do I have to listen to romantic rain when I don't get any?
Me: he likes a cold room I like a toasty room, I hate being cold and I probably will be cold in that damn house for my wholelife
Me: he likes it that way, ugh
Sister: My hubby too, no idea what he likes about it
Me: I am going to copy this and use it in my blog for some humor. Have you read my blog from yesterday?
Me: I don't know either the men are idiots, I hate waking up with a headache cuz my forhead is frozen
Sister: no, i just loaded pic of the pup on fliker if you want to see him
Me: Don't worry I will change names
Sister: lololololo
(Just a conversation in my life, that is funny, LOL, thought I would share)

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