Tuesday, December 16, 2008

September 19, 2008

Well I have a little glimmer of good news, no my dog has not come home, but I am still hoping and praying for that, no it's about my uncle. My Uncle yesterday after recovering from a 2 hour radiation treatment, removed his own feeding tube and demanded real food, then the amazing thing really was that he kept it down, granted it was pudding, but pudding in our family is a comfort food and evidently he was comforted by it.
The doctors are hopeful as the tumor has decreased in size already from one treatment and now instead of the doctors only giving him 2 weeks to live, they are giving him a 50-50 chance, when previously there was none, and figure after treatments he will have another 2 years. They also say they might be able to do surgery on his back after this is over and get him walking again.
My uncle is a fighter and I have high hopes for him as even though he now knows all of the predictions from the doctors, he is still determined to make it out of the hospital and home to his family. I am so glad he is a fighter, it makes all of us rooting for him; pray even harder for him and his family. I also know some sanity has come back into my aunt's life, for a while there she was claiming that a bottle of jack and all of her lost marbles was all she had going for her. But with my uncle in less pain, sitting up, lucid and demanding things. There is a glimmer of hope for her that he will do just as he says he will and that is get better and come home.
Keep praying for him please, he isn't out of the woods, and every single positive thought going his way, is worth its weight in gold. I think I will go donate more blood in his name too; it makes me think and feel like I am directly contributing to his health as well.
Thank you for all your prayers, you are all in mine too.

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