Tuesday, December 16, 2008

September 4, 2007

This is how I feel my life is right now, swirly and insubstantial, it's pretty but if you look closely it is nothing but light refracted off of ice crystal's in the sky.... I feel a bit different but I feel close to that, I am sinking into a bowl of inequities that I do not think I will be able to get out of.
Have you ever wondered how the homework for a college class was going to get done? You worked on it one page at a time, well I would work on my inequities one at a time but, on a month to month basis, those fu--ers never go away completely. Yes I am talking about bills, and the fact that somethings are totally necessary and some of them are not but you got stuck into them with a contract that won't go away and DIE! I have about 4 contracts now, I can't get rid of them without a serious dip into my pay and I just can't see paying for something that you can't get fixed without paying an exorbant amount again or extending the contract AUUUUUUGH!!!! Yes I am whining about cell phones and internet connections. Damn finagling sales people and so forth. I want to rip out their hair today more than my own as I am convinced my husband would have a heart atttack if I pulled anymore of my own hair out.
So now that my rant of cell bills and internet are done, lets move onto other things. Pests and the necessity to saran wrap your whole damn house. I bombed this weekend for fleas, I have treated the pets, and they are living healthily with thier new little marks on their backs and clean shiny coats, however the damn fleas do not go away even after 3 bombs in the basement alone to kill the little blood thirsty fu--ers. One day of peace and then poof the fu--ing things came back with a vengance, I even took the friggin carpet out of the basement in hopes they wouldn't have a place to live anymore. I was wrong, the damn things, I don't know what else besides blood they live on, but it grows in my basement. I am planning on bombing this weekend again, I think I will use the stuff that is strong enough to kill mice, maybe that will kill the epidemic that is determined to eats away at the usefulness of my house. I can only hope and pray.
Ok another new rant. Friends at the workplace being frineds outside of the workplace. So far it has been my experience that it doesn't work. I have a friend here at work that I became friends with outside of work, and it ghas become a major issue... She isn't a good worker in anyway shpae or form. She can't keep mistakes out of any correspondence, and she never does her work without a whine, groan or complaint. Then she wants me to listen to that crap again after work when she sucks? I cannot do it anymore, I will either have to stop my friendship completely or destroy her self image and let her know what is really going on about her and move on without any friend in her again, I just wonder if I talk to her will it do any good at all??
Some how I doubt it......
Ok enough ranting, except where the hell is my 360 avatar? I keep on adding it to my page and it never stays, what the hell 360 people??? HELP!

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