Thursday, March 12, 2009

March 12, 2009

I think by now that most of you know I absolutely love all types of dogs, and I bet you also know that I happen to own two very darling pit bulls. Even though I am lucky enough to live in a B.S.L. (Breed Specific Laws) free state (so far), I support the others who are struggling to make people understand.

I want to help people understand that it is not the breed that causes these horrible stories you read/hear in the news but often a poor mistreated/abused dog that has been given a miserable life and mistreated by its owners until it cannot think straight. People should not blame dogs for their instincts or for their actions when they are abused.

Humans know better far more than any dog ever could on what is right and wrong. So if see a person mistreating a dog, speak up! Save the dog, and if you hear about B.S.L. legislation in your area, speak up there too! No one breed deserves to be discriminated against be cause of human ignorance and stupidity.
This place: is by a friend of mine in flicker that wants to only show people how wonderful the bully breeds are.

Enough ranting for now, SPEAK UP & Peace!

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