Monday, March 9, 2009

Marh 9, 2009

Have you ever had to cover someone else's position and still have to do your own work? If you have, you have my deepest sympathies and I will willingly come and hide with you under a blanket with our thumbs stuck in our mouths swearing that today is just a dream. If you haven't thank your lucky stars, burn your little effigies of thanks and pray you never have to do it.

I say this because, I have to do this myself today and I will be doing it every third week for 9 weeks or until our division is dissolved, which ever is sooner. I am praying for sooner because at 8:20 am this morning, I managed to piss off almost every supervisor in my division (there are 18 of them) with a meeting notice that our Office of Human Resources wanted me to do. There is no making everyone happy but I never thought I would get the deluge of angry e-mails like I did this morning. It made me want to run home and hide under my blankets and suck my thumb and cry, praying that today was only a dream. Well... it wasn't and probably 15 out of 18 are mad at me for listening to our HR department. I say they send out my paycheck, so I will do as they want and sucks to be any supervisor that is going to have to be in that meeting, meaning, they must suck it up and go, what fun!

So that was just the morning, I don't even want to speak on the afternoon, needless to say my face is puffy and I want to be paid more, WAY more!


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