Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009

This is the pretty little purple crocus just peeking out from my east front door flower bed, it has a few little friends in purple and white, but I liked the look of this one, it looks shy. I just know it will be so pretty later too.

(yeah!) Spring is so close!

On another note...

Boy, it is bad enough when you are sick for two days, but then it does get worse, because well, it was two days of work, at an 8-hour day office. On top of that, there is a deadline tomorrow and the rush was on as soon as I got in today, with one secretary off to Florida to see her new grand baby which I don't blame her, I would to if I had a grand baby but thank goodness for being too young for that. But any who, even though I still do not feel 100% I managed to eat enough sugar and drink coffee to make sure that I made it through the day in my usual feisty way.

It was run, run, run after got there and it didn't stop until I left. And you know what? Everything that needed to get done today, got done today.

(very small yippee!)

Now what is left is still needed to be done, but nothing like the load for today, because 2 days off of work for being sick leaves 4 days of work for you when you get back. And yes I realize that anyone who has worked, including at home, (but that's more like 6 days when your back up on your feet...) knows this all already, it helps for me to type it.


OK now to work on the lawn for a minute with Skinney and then off to bed.

Peace loveys!

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