Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10, 2009

Easter weekend is upon us... I have some eggs I need to boil, for deviled eggs and for coloring, cupcakes to make if I have time, sweet breads to bake, carrots to create something yummy with, Easter baskets to fill, children to go get, it is all going to be so much fun! :) Another weekend of eating too much and wishing that exercise really could take off twenty pounds in twenty minutes... (I know what a dream!)

My family has never done an Easter egg hunt, with real or fake eggs at all, it has to do with the dogs we all have, and every house in the family has at least two dogs. Mom and Dad have more; cats and dogs they will always wins that they even have several birds! I am also sure that none of the dogs in the family would even hesitate to try to eat either a real boiled egg or a plastic egg full of candy. Can you imagine? Actually never mind don't imagine the results of a larger dog eating a plastic egg, please stop your self now!

Thank you, it was for your own good.

Dogs are opportunists. If it is in their reach, and it smells like food, it is just no question that they will gulp it down, even if you just fed them their breakfasts/lunches/dinners 30 seconds before that. I am not even sure that some of them ever taste what they are eating the way things go down in one piece still. Some of them are the greatest garbage disposals in the world and then some of them do not have the stomach to handle you feeding them anything out of the ordinary. Luckily, larger dogs are usually the ones that handle anything, and lucky for me I have larger dogs. They help me clean out the fridge every week and they love their mommy for it. :)

Now I am sure some of you out there in the i-net world are gasping in horror that I would ever consider feeding human food to my dogs, but let me tell you something, I think my dogs and my family's dogs are part human, maybe even half human. They constantly try to stand on two legs, and they desperately try to communicate with me daily, with little growls and woofs that I am almost positive are sweet love nothings from them. :)

I know I have a great imagination. :) I am just thankful it still works, after all, isn't there a definite useful life of an imagination? Hopefully its when you die, otherwise I will be sad later on in my life when I know my imagination is dead and I am still alive. I think I would loose a large part of my happiness if it died before me.

OK, any who... enough deep thinking for now, I haven't had enough coffee to make it worth the existentialism that it would require to have a truly deep and profound typed up conversation, about imagination's useful life so... let me list the five things off the top of my head that can and have bugged/irritated me in my life.


1. Saying you are going to do something, and then sitting down to do nothing. (You know whom I am talking about, probably wives’s husband or maybe their teenagers.)I am a person that believes in "do it now and do it right, so you don't have to do it later.” I am not a big fan of procrastination. Now don't get me wrong, I can use it at times, like for getting out of bed in the morning, but usually I want to get things done as soon as possible so I can go relax. If things are not done and I know it, especially in the house, I cannot relax until they are done.

2. Not answering your phone even though you know I want to talk to you and you know that I know your phone is never away from your side... (You know who you are too!)Wow, say #2 three times fast, I bet you can't do it. :)

3. Politicians. (I don't think I need to expound on that one, because once I got started, I am not sure I would ever stop.)

4. Receptionists for doctors, some of them are so snooty and are convinced that they rule the world that I hate calling my doctors office and I am seriously considering changing doctors, just because of the receptionist. And it really isn't fair to my doctor, he reminds me of Tom Green off MTV and I liked his off beat humor, but his receptionist is Stalin, Hitler, and Qaddafi rolled all into one.


5. Just the fact that I do have to work, why wasn't I born extraordinarily rich or a purebred male dog? They have the life, scratching, brushing, gourmet food, pretty female doggies, they have it all. I swear in my next life I want to come back, if I can, as a purebred male dog, preferably a poodle, they are so pampered.

OK, enough for now, the coffee is calling and so is work. I hope you all enjoy your Easter or just your weekend. I know I am hoping to.


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