Tuesday, April 14, 2009

April 14, 2009

This pretty bloom is from last week, nothing is in bloom now with all the rain....

I stayed home from work today and the weather wasn't great, but it has been nice to be home. I swear every time I can, I will stay home, maybe I am becoming a person that hates to leave their home, it does always make me sad to leave it... I did leave for about an hour and a half to go with my hubby to one of his appointments and it wasn't that bad either, I got to read in peace about 60 pages of the "Golden Compass" for some reason I have been having a very hard time staying interested in the storyline or maybe it is the way it is written. I haven't seen the movie and if I can't finish the book I probably won't ever see the movie.

I read the "Eragon" series books 1 and 2 and I am just waiting for the softcover book of 3 so the collection will all be the same, just so I can read it. (Actually the series of books are my son's books, but he and I do read a lot of the same fantasy books now, he just loves dragons like his mom! It also just shows you how well his reading comprehension is at 10... jeez such ego!) I still have barely watched the "Eragon" movie though, I really want to finish the trilogy first and then I can either hate the movie or not.

Its weird for me like that, just remember I told you I wasn't normal. I have also read "Twilight" so I haven't seen the movie yet, just because I haven't read the whole series yet. I did watch the first Harry Potter movie and the rest of them too, so I have never bothered to read the books, I just don't want to be disappointed I guess. Although for all this weirdness... I have been reading the vampires series from Ann Rice and I have already watched the movies. I swear I am such a hypocrite for all of my weirdness. lol

This week amazingly, and I hope I don't jinx it but, has been really great. I joined Facebook a couple of months ago and I swear that web site is better at finding people that any "Class of blah-blah" reunion web site. I mean they don't help you find people from junior high or people you went to school with, but didn't get to graduate with. This week though on Facebook I have found people I have always missed since I lost contact, and to find them again is like giving back part of my childhood.

I know this sounds weird to some, but again, I am not normal... I am a military brat and like those that experienced living in one spot your whole life, moving all over the place like I did every 3 to 4 years; each type of life has its ups and its downs. I loved meeting new people, learning new places, and different cultures, but I hated leaving my friends and the habits of the life that had been built. When you are a kid and you move a lot, unless the parents of your friends and your parents kept in touch, you really weren't able to keep in touch with your friends.

I know every person at one time in their life or another has needed or wanted to find people that they have lost contact with, and for me it has been quite a few people, but what a dent I put in the list this week! YEAH! SO just so everyone know I am actually REALLY HAPPY this week just because of that, and even though I don't necessarily like Facebook's format... I find it hard to find old conversations when the wall becomes busy... I love Facebook for helping me find people that even after so many years of no contact, I still care about. :D

Also, I am a Great-Aunt since yesterday for the third time... One of my sister's stallion's 'lady friends' gave birth to a cute-little-light-skinned-buckskin colt. I haven't gotten to see pictures yet and I have no desire to drive out there in the rain (sorry sis) so I guess I will have to be patient, just to see the latest 'addition' to the family. Lets all just pray the inclement weather is kind to the young boy in his first days.

Other than that??? Well, I am a little sad about my girls' grades, they have been dropping since the first marking period they moved up here to MI again. I hope, especially for the oldest, that a light turns on in her head and she realizes that she cannot start slacking off in 8th grade, it will only lead to severe disappointment later on in her life. As for the 5th grader?? Well I think she would do much better than she does now, with just skating through with mostly Cs, if everyone in her life expected more from her than she is giving now. I know she is so much smarter than she likes to lead on to.


OK enough of that, not a lot else has been going on except looking through old photos and enjoying the memories that pop up. I plan on adding a lot of my old photos on to my Flickr account and hopefully they bring joy to my friends that can see them. From the first time I lived in Michigan all the way to when I started with my digital camera, I have a whole drawer of photos I plan on scanning. :) Some of them will be great 'leverage' on some people, others I hope to wow with my armature landscapes from Colorado, Alaska, California, and so many more places. Until then I hope I have you drooling in anticipation, just please, wipe your chin. ;)

For now, Peace!

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