Monday, April 20, 2009

April 20, 2009

Michigan facing $785 million budget shortfall, this is the title of an article in the local paper today... I have a few answers for this, but I doubt they happen as they are based on common sense, and also morals and ethics, and I think most people realize that government, especially the spending part, has nothing to do with any of that.

But just so everyone can see my ideas and love or hate me for them... here they are:

It is truly a shame that the gov and the leg want to make the state employee fix the budget issues once again, its a shame that she wants the public to cover it all as well. Why can the leg cover it, they get a lifetime of beni's after only 6 years of service, well ok actually after the are 55, but only 6 years of service and they get this crap?? WTF?

The 30% plus raise the leg gave themselves about 10 years ago should cover it, so long as they give it ALL back from the last 10 years. ;) Yes I know wishful thinking, and an retirement early out would be nice, but for those on the old retirement plan, they get a payout for their unused leave, and to be honest, I am unsure if the state could afford to pay some people close to $20,000 or more, to pay of their unused leave. Also not to raise anymore ire, but... allowing an early out and then only allowing a 1 in 4 rehire (What was done in 2001-2002) caused immeasurable damage to the state's inner workings and knowledge, since then the state has started making those closer to retirement share their knowledge, but it hasn't been long enough to help most areas.

And.... the clincher for the hate.

I think one really good answer to the budget shortfall (and I am sure, this will not make me popular by any means) is, welfare should have a time limit, granted if you need it, yes, it is there to help you, but after so many years say 2 up to 5 years, you should be on your feet again and not leaning on the state to help you. It was not meant as a crutch for life, that is social security disability if you need it for life, not welfare.

Also, (I know this will REALLY get me hate e-mail) I think they should require drug tests for those that file for assistance, and if you can't pass that drug test, you should not be getting assistance, period. Come back when you are clean and trying to start being a productive citizen. I have to pass a drug test to have my job, and pay taxes I think those that get to use my taxes and everyone else's for help should have to take one too.

Ok, enough Internet suicide for now, hopefully no one comes and tries to do me harm because these are my opinions and I was brave enough to post them.

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