Monday, April 27, 2009

April 27, 2009

OK... I have been bad and not posting very well, so here goes a run down on an update. Last week Wednesday was:

1. Earth day on the 22nd, it was also...
2. Administrative Assistance Day
3. Take Your Child To Work Day (at my office) &
4. Hubby's Birthday

Now let me explain how hectic last week was.
Monday: I went to work. I felt like crap.

Tuesday: I stayed home with a chest cold and piercing pain in my shoulder whenever I breathed. I wanted to die, but no one would let me, so I sat with heating pads, cough syrup and Tylenol to make me feel better, and no it isn't the swine flu, I promise.

Wednesday: First gave hubby kiss said "I'll bring you carrot cake tonight, sorry I can't see you for lunch, I love you, Happy Birthday!" and I promptly ran off to work.

See, Earth Day is a BIG thing for my office building, seriously. We invite elementary and middle schools from all over our state and encourage our workers to bring in their kids (hence this is the Take Your Child To Work Day for me) to the office to learn about the environment and all the things that affect it.

I know you won't believe it, but Michigan does actually celebrate this day very seriously even though most of the contingent 48 seem to view us as the "Rust Belt of America" - Michigan has quite a few leading stringent laws in environmental stewardship, but most people don't get to hear about that, and so... three departments in the state get together, Environmental Quality, Natural Resources, and Agriculture; and we have volunteers that explain the who's, the whats, the hows, the whys, and the whens to these eagerly listening children that want to pet the lambs, turtles, snakes, ducks, and play with interactive dioramas, etc.

My child was at my office promptly at 8:30 with his grandparents, to be honest I let them run around with him in and out of the building so I can still work and visit when I can. I know that sounds crass, but by 1pm, I am tired and so are my parents and my son. Luckily with my parents visiting too, they can leave whenever they want, which is about the time my son wants to use my work computer to check on his "Club Penguin" account to make sure his puffles haven't ran away. So after my family leaving at 1pm, I am able to hear the rest of the kids left and still visiting, (which this year I believe was over 5,000 kids) and notice that popcorn never should be given to so many children at once in an office building. The poor cleaning crew!

Later that evening, I give hubby a chocolate cupcake instead of carrot cake, one that was so kindly made by one of our co-workers that happens to love baking for my Administrative Assistants day that I didn't even know about until she gave me said cupcake. Hubby eats cupcake, loves it, I am happy and then realize that my boss had been gone for AA day and that I would still not be home for lunch the next day as he was taking me out to lunch, with all the other bosses and AAs.

I had a doctor's appointment beforehand and so met everyone where we agreed to have lunch. The lunch was good, (french dip) and then when we were leaving, I noticed I locked my keys in my car. The rest of my coworkers leave laughing as I sit there praying my hubby is wanting to save his wife. Luckily my hubby wanted to play hero and had me saved in less that 30 minutes, with a train in the way to boot! (Don't ever try kissing someone with a helmet on though, it doesn't work, although the thought is appreciated, I am told.)

Friday: Thank goodness, was semi-quiet. Had an assembly in the afternoon for my son, at his school, he won 2nd place in the Calbery Awards for his expository on Karate. :) Yeah I am SO proud! I took a bunch of pictures, but they are on Flickr, not here, sorry.

Saturday: We had dinner with my family at a rib joint, no one got ribs though, very weird. Then hubby and I went out late that night with friends that hadn't made it to the previous weekends celebration of the hubby's 35th b-day. We played shuffleboard and I watched them play darts. (I am scared of my dangerousness if I play darts.) Did you notice that hubby's b-day gets celebrated for over a week? (I did.)

By yesterday I was bushed out, partied out, just plain tired, and I still hadn't vacuumed. (I am horrible about that and I shouldn't, dark carpet with white and blond dogs makes for lots of vacuuming.) Ugh.

Today hasn't been a piece of cake either, although I would love some.... They (the government) migrated our e-mail from Group Wise at work to MS Outlook. Yuck. Also, (yes there is more) the downtown chiller building is offline as they start up the new one they made in our parking lot (I now have to walk at least 1/4 mile each morning and evening because of this.) in parking spaces we will never get back again and with it being at least 70 outside, the building is a sauna. So warm and then the fans everyone has in their cubicles, it only moves warm air, ugh.

So this is why I have been quiet, sorry and I will try really hard to take the whine out of my blog next time, I keep on forgetting the cheese and crackers for it, so I should stop the whine, I know.


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