Monday, July 27, 2009

July 27, 2009

Well no one has been complaining that I am not blogging relatively regularly, so, I thought I should berate myself. Not that anyone but me will feel better for this but oh well onto the pain!

Ahem... hmmmhm, ummm, here I go!

(Now imagine a large female finger twitching at you for every "How dare you!" OK? cool!)

"How dare I keep so busy with the crack-filled facebook that I have not time to type up a blog of love & whine & cheese for my followers (all of 4, thank you all!)."

"How dare I not even bother to try and explain in my famous vagueness why my life is now very close to a living hell due to a 14 year old."

"How dare I not keep you all in the loop on what my flowers and dogs are doing, you are dieing to know aren't you? I thought so."

So ahem... I think I am done for now about flogging myself, if you think I have been to light on myself, let me know, I'll flog myself again just for you!

As to what I have hinted to in this blog... maybe if "my heart wasn't breaking and my mind raging," (To quote myself on facebook) I would have the time to write a coherently sensitive and understanding blog about what the hell 14 year olds, especially female ones, can do to a mother and/or step-mother's hearts.

So far I still feel like a semi-truck has ran me over and even though I am clearly laying on the weight pad for those millions of trucks to run over at the weigh station, no ones seems to have noticed little ol' me down here squished flat by the trucks of life.

Peace y'all!

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