Tuesday, September 15, 2009

September 15, 2009

I have been a bad, bad, girl...

I have been neglectful of my duties here and have not let any of you curious readers here know what is going on in my life...

(Never mind I know that the caverns are echoing with emptiness over here as I only have, like, what maybe 4 followers?!)

Bless you! ;)

Let's see what has been going on since June 27th? Since my last blog entry?

The 4th of July was off the hook! Actually, so was July 3rd, where we go to Sharp Park every year, and BBQ and hang with friends of his that he only sees for that one day of the year. The BBQ is great, the fireworks fun, and the drinks are always flowin' easy! We took all 3 kids with us, met up with more parents and kids and just let them run free in the park.

This was probably the last year of letting the eldest doing that, she lost my trust at this point this year, but so far slowly and surely she is winning my trust back again. I have to tell you as I have told her, "I love you and want to trust you, but sometimes, I wonder if I am just being played like a violin..." I hope it lets her know I want to be on her side and believe her always, but I will never forget all of the deceit that I have experienced from her. Fourteen is such a hard age, and to have to deal with not just your parents, BUT also your step-parents... I am sure it is a walking nightmare for her at times. :)

That's OK I don't mind being known as the evil step-mom, it means I was a parent and not their friend, and sometimes especially in their teen years, they need a parent more than they need a friend.

Anywho, enough on that tangent. 4th of July, we drove up to my brother and best friend's cabin at Horsehead Lake and had a blast partying up there. I swear their cabin is like a man/boy heaven. There are 2 go-carts, 2 ski-doos, a pontoon boat, a paddle boat, a canoe, a couple motor bikes, and 8 acres of trails and fun for them. And if a machine happens to break down, well then they have a engine that they get to tinker with. It really is a man/boy heaven up there, I would say it is a woman/girl heaven too, but it isn't really because we still have to tend boo boos, cook and clean up. Thankfully most of the plates can be burnt though, death to doing dishes up at a cabin dang it! ;)

After the 4th, well we have had more fun, but I can't say it has vividly etched itself into my head right now. (Sorry! Working overtime all through the summer is not what I can call a good time!) My son did manage to test this summer and get his second band on his yellow belt in karate, so I am so very proud of him and know that he is doing wonderful at something he loves to do.

(You know how in the martial art movies that the karate experts can make their clothes snap? Well my boy can do that with his feet and his hands, he is so fast now! I am so proud, I might just float away from it!) :)

Labor Day weekend was fun too! Of course it was up at the cabin again and we went out on the boat, hung out at the sandbar for a while and watched one of the boys knee board behind one of the ski-doos. :) My youngest, my boy actually fell in love that weekend, it just happened to be with a little 50cc motorcycle. He made me clutch at my heart, but he never did crash. (Thank GOD!)

Last weekend was a blast as well, it was our former room mates 25th birthday, and we just had to go out to Fenton and see him, especially since we haven't made it out to there since he moved out of our house. :( (I still miss him, he is a good kid that lives too far away from home now...)

Yes I am so like a mom to him at times.

Anyway, we had a keg, and a bachelor's house that ended up being filled with people laughing sooo much! It was wonderfully fun for all that were there. We did try to catch up with my brother and best friend who just happened to be at a wedding at the same time in Fenton, but after partying so much... we should have known that we couldn't make it to each other, even if the two places were only 3 blocks apart. haha! :) The birthday boy did manage to fall asleep outside in his boat, but in the end he was smart enough to come into the house at around 8 am...

Otherwise, these last few months have been filled with overtime work and furlough days, not what I would call the greatest summer, but you know, that's OK, what parts we did get to have fun, well they were absolutely wonderful! :)

I will try and keep up on this more!


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