Monday, September 28, 2009

September 28, 2009

Another Monday... arg, ugh, and Nooooooo!

My dress did come on Friday afternoon! I tried it on and wowee, it fits wonderfully! :) Can't wait for this weekend amazingly, even with how I feel about dresses. I just hope it doesn't get ruined from one day of wearing it. (Cross your fingers with me here people, I have seriously bad luck!)
Went out on Saturday night for Monica's Bachelorette Party, while the boys went to Battle Creek for the new casino called "Fire Keepers." They had a blast except for the groom ending up passed out and getting sent tot he hospital... Men they have so many more issues without their women there to control them. ;)
We smart ladies went out to dinner in our home town and then went a bar hopping, and even though we only managed to go to 4 places, it was more than enough for me! I did have quite a few drinks and I managed to not get sick! Yippee for me! We played the "I have Never " game, I ended up not drinking very much from that game, I guess some of the ladies were a little more tame than me. Ha ha!
We got to dance, we did more than enough shots all around and wow I fell in love with a new drink! Its called an oatmeal cookie and it was just like one too! A little Hot Damn and Butter shots and then Kahlua on top poured very slowly, I am not kidding it tasted just like an Oatmeal Cookie! I wanted more, but you know, um after probably 5 shots already I don't think I needed another one after the first one, I probably would of given up the ghost then! ;)
OK, work calls!

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