Friday, January 8, 2010

January 8, 2010

It is the new year and already things have been done and are in the past now.
My Youngest is 11, a preteen, a boy preteen. I have no clue as to how to handle that.
My Eldest will be 15 on the 12th, I have a clue as to how to handle that, I just know its a nightmare coming. She is planning to come and live with us at the end of the school semester and I hope it works out this time!
And the middle child will be 12 in February and you would swear she was turning 18 with the attitude I am getting from her. I may have to go to drastic measures, but so far, not yet, but soon, I know it will be soon!
New Years was good, great company to be with, just so dang LOUD! Went home almost immediately the headache was growing.
Did not get to have New Year's Day Dinner, Mom has bronchial pneumonia and there is just no way we can have a large dinner that she does the majority of when she is so sick, in fact she is still sick and sounds like a squeaky toy right now. Her dogs look at her so funny when she tries to talk. Of course she does not appreciate my humor on it, but I do it to hide my fear. COPD & Bronchial anything is scary and she's my mom, Lord knows I would not know what to do with out her.
Sissie is good, Hubby is good, dogs & cats are good, so right now, life is good, but can someone come over and shovel the snow for us? We hate the cold!
Peace & Happy New Year Y'All!

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  1. I'm glad all's well, Deana -- drop by sometime!!!!

    --Will ("Astra")