Monday, February 8, 2010

February 8, 2010

First off, Happy Birthday Greg & Matt!
I hope its a great day for you two!
(No they aren't twins either. I just happen to know 2 guys that were born on the same day, that actually know each other, kinda ironic, not sure if they are the same age though.)

Second, I joined this great group called, it is based out of Florida so I can never go to their Meet Ups, but with the experience Florida has with BSL (Breed Specific Laws) that are now being considered here in Michigan, I though it the perfect place to learn how to prevent ignorant legislation. Plus I love talking to anyone that loves animals, if you happen to love Pit Bulls too, its just an added bonus for me! So of course I thought it a great place to talk to people about my baby boys, Nibbles & Polo! You all know about them, I mean I have told you a BUNCH of things about them!
Wait, I know I have! :)

This isn't the first group I have joined about this topic, I love Pit Bulls and feel that they are severely discriminated against all over the world because of stupid people doing stupid things. I joined several pit bull groups in Flickr because pictures is one way to show your love of the breeds. This is just one group out of several in Flickr that I am a part of its an international group, so there might be somethings you can't read but the joy of sharing how beautiful our dogs are is so important! Plus some of those photographers are just amazing!

I also have a web-based Zazzle shop, that of course is advertised here on my blog, but what a LOT of people don't know, is this! At the Zazzle store, "Knott Enough Stuff" at* we sell Pit Bull Positive Products! Well we have many breeds of dog available in our "Puppy Love" and "Power of Words" product lines, but with a few of our Pit Bull products (Thank you to Nibbles & Polo for posing.) we have put inspiring sayings for the proud owners of Pit Bulls! An example is at this link, or for a more fun one, is this link, If my sister and I ever get into a partnership with a really good cause I will gladly sell those Pit Bull Positive Products and donate the royalties that I receive to that cause. I just want to help where I can and I am thinking that this is one place where I might be able to do the most good!

So, I just wanted to share my happiness about joining groups that I think, help make this world a better place, by educating and promoting a beautiful breed of dog that should never have been discriminated against in the first place!


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  1. This is great eductional tool for those that don't know about the bully breeds!