Thursday, August 5, 2010

August 5, 2010

Each year it gets harder and harder to get to this website to blog on here.
  • I don't know if its because I am older and quieter, (snort) yea... right...I am about to start laughing at myself about this one.
  • I have less that I want to share as I become more private in my life? Whatever.

Naw, it isn't any of that, I am just too doggone busy to say much anymore and if I do blog, I don't want it to be like this post it probably going to end up, short and at the very least, not very satisfying to anyone that is going to read it.

Le Sigh~ sorry.

Real life has been really intruding in my Internet life, and I am trying to keep up with 1 teenager, 2 preteens (at times) and a rascally rabbit of a husband! Plus the 2 dogs, the 1 cat and I think I have at least 1 fish, I am not sure anymore, they hide now. That list is not easy to keep up with, especially since the eldest kid wants to do fall sports, which I say good to because it keeps her busy, but then it also keeps me busy.

Its not just that either, I am sadly addicted to facebook, still.

Le Sigh~ sorry again.

But maybe I shouldn't be, after all this place only has 4 followers while on facebook I have over 3,000 people I am connected to.

But maybe I should be sorry, because I have far more complete thoughts on here then I do on facebook, like on Twitter, facebook limits you on your wall on how much you can post and I think anyone that reads this knows that truly short rants aren't really my style.

I like long dissertations on what the hell is wrong with me, my kids, my husband, or the world. I like to be creative putting my thoughts down into words, just don't get their very often anymore and I am sorry for that.

Soon though, I have been working on what is wrong with the US and hen I have it perfected, I will post it here.

So now you have something to look forward to, I promise to get it on here before school starts, or maybe right after it has started so that I can have a few minutes of peace and quiet.


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