Thursday, March 1, 2012

Recovery is a Long Process

I have been feeling better, it is genuinely nice to be able to go a day without coughing.  I am not a top speed yet, but I am noticing improvement within myself with every passing day.  I can't wait to be able to start do things, most things, without a shortness of breath. 

Life is definitely looking up in that way.  :)

Now, to work on the other things in life:

1. the ridiculousness of the work force, or lack there of; 

2. the unbelievable presumption of politicians and what the-powers-that-be thinking they can tell me what to do or not do; and

3. the ridiculousness of the form of capitalism that is now accepted.

Oh wait, these things that would fix the nation, not just my life, I may need some helpers to make the those three things possible.

At least, I feel I can take on the world right now though, I haven't felt that way in quite a while, and even though I will probably be beat down, it doesn't mean I won't stop trying so long as my health is holding out. 

Probably this is the first sign of insanity, and yet, I can't help but wish for different results from this great nation, just from some very clearly expressed displeasure from the masses. Now if we could just agree on that message and get the message clearly stated, again probably insanity on my part.

Its not easy to get the masses to agree on much.

Hmm... maybe I should type about a different topic.

Such as the concept now popularly called "Preppers", people that believe that there is necessary reason to prepare for an unmitigated disaster of almost any kind.

From the super volcano sleeping under the Midwest exploding, or a complete collapse of the modern world as we know it.  Should we be prepping?  Is it necessary?  The media seems to find it sensational to expose this concept as almost ludicrous, but really I don't think. 

I find it sensible.  People should have a basic understanding and mastery of how to live off the grid, we as the human race have made our lives so easy, that for most, living without electricity, heat, or running water would be impossible.

Seriously, how many people know what plants are edible for the area they live in, for the neighboring areas they don't live in?  How many people know how to even grow their own food if necessary?  DO most know what will grow in the region they live in? 

How many people know how to properly dress an animal?  There are people that don't even know how to successfully kill an animal on their own, unprocessed meat is something they don't know anything about. 

Some believe that it is wrong to eat meat, now I don't think that being a vegetarian or vegan is right or wrong, I just don't think it would be an option if there were a world disaster that happened. I mean how would you get most of your necessary protein if you don't know how to grow the right foods, or can't grow them because of the region you live in.

Being a vegetarian or vegan would not be a viable option, without the proper protein in your diet, that for most, the region they live in couldn't even grow, malnutrition would happen and then death.  Being a vegetarian or vegan would be a luxury.

Yes, I know historically only the richest ate meat on a regular basis, so there is that flaw in my theory, but not really, even the poorest that couldn't afford meat on a regular basis, if they could get meat, they would eat it, or process it so that it would last as long as possible.  So the not eating of meat wasn't a choice it was often times a forced part of regular life. 

Disease and malnutrition were rampant, and now obesity and malnutrition are. Malnutrition is still an issue, it probably always will be.  We can pump our food full of the things we need, but if it isn't naturally made, the supplements we make and put into our foods are just not good enough and often times have side effects we cannot imagine or see the effects of for years.

It is also sad that there are those that will not eat the necessary foods to prevent malnutrition, they don't like the texture or can't stand the flavor, they hurt themselves without even realizing that their picky-ness is doing this damage to themselves in the long run. In a post-apacalyptic world picky-ness would never get to be an option, so learning to like almost every food option availble makes sense.

I believe this "prepping" is sensible, it isn't just for those that are scared, its for everyone to have the basic knowledge necessary to survive. There is a huge part of the population that has no clue and it can be prevented. 

After all one saying I do use and believe in is this, "it is always better to be safe than sorry."


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