Friday, April 20, 2012

Released from the Prison a.k.a. the Hopsital!!

Yes, its true, I am free. 

They, the doctors, released me today from the boredom and captivity of the one room with a too of small bed. 

I did not have pneumonia like they thought, but a very nasty chest infection that they now think they have on the run.

Granted I wasn't in the hospital for long, but I am truly hopeful now that this crud that has been torturing me since November has been attacked to the point of it never returning.

Yes, I know you probably think, two days isn't that long to be acting the way you are!  Well let me tell you the fight beforehand that did start in November is what makes this seem so wonderful to me to be free. 

I may have many weeks and months of medication to take, I may even have to keep taking medications for the rest of my life to make the crud stay gone, but even that will have been worth it, so long as it never comes back.

It stopped so many things in my life that I hope to soon be returning to, karate, walking up stairs without problems, lawn work. You know, the little things that make you happy. 

Now, I am sure some of are now thinking, "How is lawn work something that you want to return to, hell, how is it anything you like doing?" 

Well that has to do with my outlook, let us cover this briefly in a short possibly repetitive list:
1. It is great exercise, slowly toning the flab that I have;
2. I always see a result from doing lawn work, so that great accomplishment feeling;
3. It helps me get some sun on my seriously pale ass;
4. I get to dream of what it will look like finished someday; and
5. I know that I am one more step closer to the yard of my dreams, so I can start all over again.

Simple, and something that I haven't really gotten to miss, except for the snow shoveling.  At times I was actually scared to go outside with the temperature change from the inside to outside.  Yes, I know this winter was mild, but the temperature change was too great for me to handle with how my breathing was going. Most likely the milder weather was something that was exasperating my whole health issue.  

It sucks to be scared to go outside.  It puts so many things in your life on hold.  I at times even felt like I was  prisoner in my own home.  The temperature difference would even make me scared of going to work, leaving for lunch for a breathing treatment at home, the drive home, or even a run to the store.

This winter was rough for me to say the least not just physically but mentally, I know to some it sounds wimpy, but this is my blog and it does have the title of "Schayde's Rants and Rambles," so this blog will be about what I please.

Now, after the last two days of extreme boredom a ton of medications and a promise of staying quiet at home for the next ten days to those doctors, I have hope and am just happy to see that light at the end of the tunnel and I know that I will finally reach it.

Maybe a little less sane than I was before, or maybe not, after all I haven't ever thought I was too sane, otherwise I wouldn't be who I am.


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