Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Evidently I will NEVER be FULLY in the Clear Again

Yes, it is true, I will never be fully in the clear again, I have already been out sick from work quite a bit this fall , but hopefully with the 28 days of antibiotics, I won't have a complete relapse into breathing hell.  Hopefully.

Weather changes now suck in more than just allergy problems, my lungs along side my sinuses cannot take the temperature changes.  My throat closes up and my lungs start to wheeze, if I lay down I begin to choke on the vile deeply chest racking coughs that must come forth.  Did I say it wasn't any fun?  Because if I didn't let me just say it clearly and maybe I won't have to repeat myself again.


OK enough of my rant and whine, no one ever brings the cheese for my whine anyway.  I guess I will have to remember that myself for next time, a nice brie should do it for me. :)

Enough, I am done and I will be sticking a fork into it right now.

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