Monday, December 2, 2013

December is WAY too Busy

I have been busy, watching parts of my life implode, it is all unpleasant so I'll skip it here but I will share more mundane 'other' things.

My office moved in October just one floor up and one wing over, but my plants hate me as I am now on the north windows and they have been sitting on the south east windows for over ten years.

I think I may loose my 8-foot corn plant, it hasn't stopped losing leaves since we moved here.  I feel bad for it as I know it should go in another window but I am in the north east corner and have no access to direct sunlight for it.  Poor baby I am not even sure how I would get it home in this season or in my vehicle, its over 8-foot tall and I have a small four door sedan, not a suburban or a Yukon...

I may have to sneak it over to a window that I will have to visit.

People are stingy with their window space now though... so not fun for my plants, my overly large plants that are used to real sunlight and not stupid florescent lights.  They used to be so green and beautiful... now I am losing leaves all the time...

Sigh (BIG Sigh) ... and a yawn.  I'm tired, four days off from work and then to get up at 6:30 a.m. again sucks.

Oh well I have to make the money, the mortgage and other things must be paid.

I haven't even started to shop for the 25th... UGH!  I haven't even thought too much about decorations either.

Ah it is all coming up WAY to fast for me! I wonder if I can just go and hide under the covers until it is all over?  How many people who are used to getting awesome presents from me would forgive me?  I think I am going to go hide and wait for 2014, I swear it will have to be a better year than 2013 has been.

Positive thoughts Deana, positive thoughts, you can do this! I know you can Deanaland has existed for 37 years now, you can make it!

Big changes are coming for 2014 I will try my best to blog on a regular basis again, but as I have said many times before "Do not hold your breath!" I will try but I make no promises!


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